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Digital Marketing Services

Why Digital Marketing Service?

Did you know that an adult’s average consumption of digital media has been researched to be around 7.69 gigabytes per month? And guess what happened to fuel this consumption- the COVID-19 pandemic. With the latest reel trends and media influencers coming up with exceptional content, marketing has been exposed to a whole new world. From elite-labelled apparel to local food brands, if you are using social media in the right way, you have already entered the most contemporary forms of marketing. This form of promotion is what we call digital marketing. 

Top organizational settings have been recognizing the importance of digital marketing for attracting the potential audience to a significant extent. When it comes to digital marketing, your website along with your social media handles have to be the best. 

Looking for a one-stop solution to market your brand digitally? DDM has got you covered. Our professionals come up with the most hi-tech strategies to elevate the digital presence of your services/brand on all potential platforms. Our ultimate goal is to give you the level of sales you want! 

Get in contact with our experts today and let’s conquer the world of digital marketing together.

Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

We help corporates move like start-ups, and start-ups grow into corporates.
On Page

It is all about the optimization per web page. It helps to increase website quality and SEO Score

Off Page

This is all about the branding of our website through several analysis and process

Link Building

This helps us in increasing the authority of our website. This is like a holding and banner putting several place after opening shop.

Technical SEO

It is All about the websites technical errors which affects whole domain not any perticular page

Content Marketing

"Content is king" is why content is key to rank on SERP. Day to day update of Google is all about providing users a quality and relevant content

Local SEO

It is very important for local businesses who want footfall to their shop or office, and it helps us in local branding.

Our Digital marketing Services

So, keeping aside the digital media, what exactly do our services include? We knew you would be curious. 

Services under digital marketing are as diverse as the concept of marketing itself. From basic email marketing to rebuilding Linkedin profiles and boosting the graph of sales like never before.


 Search Engine Optimization(SEO)


Did you know that 91% of the internet users based in the US search every month? Be it, in terms of online shopping or professional knowledge-sharing actions, search engines observe huge traffic statistically. But how do we attract this traffic to our brand’s website? This is exactly when SEO comes into the picture. It optimizes the search engines to rank our website at the top and let the customers notify us about our existence.


At Kantag Solutions, our SEO services include appropriate lead generation, attracting potential traffic, meticulous keyword research and so on. We provide our SEO services with an end goal to increase your brand’s digital presence, ultimately heightening the statistics of your company’s overall sales.


                       On-Page SEO


Here’s a fun fact- Organisations that engage in frequent blogging have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t.


Well, on-page helps you in achieving exactly that. It involves optimizing the pages of a website and making them more standardized with the ultimate goal of raising the website’s rankings and maximising user satisfaction.


At Kantag Solutions, our SEO experts make certain to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website for On-Page SEO. From adding the content where needed to replacing the content descriptions with more attractive ones, we are the right choice you need for your brand.


                        Off-page SEO


Did you know that 75% of SEO is off-page and 25% is on-page? Well, now you do.

While off-page SEO might not be directly related to optimization on the actual website, it covers factors for the website as a whole.


At Kantag Solutions, our off-page professionals strive to perfect your website from all aspects. From optimizing the website’s speed to reframing the data, off-page SEO is a must to increase your brand’s presence in the world of digital marketing.


         Social media optimization(SMO)


Digital marketing has often been used synonymously with the concept of social media handling. While it’s not entirely right, social media does play a significant role in marketing your brand on digital platforms. From Instagram to Twitter, these social media sites have taken the world of marketing by storm.


At Kantag Solutions, we aim to create more creativity-oriented marketing strategies through social media handles. Not only do we focus on increasing our reach organically but make sure to keep our audience engaged with our brand posts.


Our Social media experts stay posted on the popular trends and plan your brand’s promotional activity accordingly. Our content professionals come up with creative post captions fused with trending hashtags to boost your post’s reach.


          Search engine marketing (SEM)


Search engine marketing is one of the most affordable marketing strategies that is, technically, a part of SEO itself. It is a kind of digital marketing strategy that aims at generating traffic through paid advertisements.


So how does it work? SEM takes your brand to the buyers right when they are looking for it. By infusing the advertisements with researched keywords, professionals keep track of the increased visibility of the website.


At Kantag Solutions, our SEM experts make your website digitally ready to compete in the market.


Let’s explore how!


Display ads


At Kantag Solutions, our design team comes up with the most catchy posters or banners for your website. Our experts do not only make sure to increase the traffic but strive to leave a long-term brand’s expression in the minds of consumers.


Search ads


Did you know, Google dominates 97% of the search advertising?


Search advertising is a form of online advertising technique that falls under the umbrella term of digital marketing.


At Kantag Solutions, we analyse your website and brand’s presence before deciding on the type of advertising your product needs.


Through search ads, our professionals put up optimised ads on the top search engines to bridge the gap between your clients and the product.


Video ads


According to some research statistics, consumers are more likely to watch a promotional video before considering buying it than reading about the same.


Video ads are a form of digital display marketing that focuses on attracting traffic by displaying a brand’s videos.


At Kantag Solutions, we are highly renowned for digital marketing by putting optimised videos on your website. Our professional cinematographers make the videos after researching the latest social media trends.


So, if you are looking to attract consumers both creatively and organically, you know who to reach. Contact our marketing professionals today.


                 Performance marketing


What is performance marketing? Trust us, this strategy is for you.


Performance Marketing involves a standard partnership between the marketing experts and client organisations. The


Once you clarify what marketing expectations you have from us, we will take over and let you experience success.


Be it lead generation or statistical reports for weekly website traffic, under this kind of marketing, our experts follow the ‘seal the deal approach’. This kind of marketing is paid in terms of clicks or conversions accordingly.


                    Social Advertising


Remember, the random ads you see while scrolling on Instagram? There are plenty right?


That’s what Social Advertising appears like. Getting clickable links on the social media handles or other messaging apps while you are at it, is one of the most intelligent forms of digital marketing.


At Kantag Solutions, we focus on creating awareness for your brand and getting organic followers through our advertising strategies. We believe in building your brand’s positive reputation among the potential consumer database.


             Search Engine Advertising


Did you know that Google continues to dominate the advertising area of search engines with over 3.5 billion searches per day?


As the title gives the hint, this online marketing technique involves advertising through search engines.


While search engine advertising and Social Advertising techniques reflect somewhat similar marketing ideas, the working platforms create the major difference.


At Kantag Solutions, we conduct a comprehensive analysis before deciding on the appropriate search engine platform for increasing your brand’s existence in the market. From google to yahoo, the options might seem plenty but what matters is that you choose the right one. Let our experts take this over for you. Check out our digital marketing services today.


                     Content Marketing


Let’s do a quick fact check!


As high as 74% of marketers believe that content marketing increases both the quality and quantity of potential leads.


What exactly does Content Marketing imply? As creative as it might sound, Content lays the basic foundation of marketing techniques.


Be it curating digitised content for video marketing or publishing frequent blogs for the company’s website, Content marketing is one of the most indispensable parts of digital marketing.


Content marketing simply involves marketing through content. At Kantag Solutions, we have to build a highly-skilled content team. Our content structure varies from one client to another but the quality of our writeups stays at no competition to date. Meet our experts today.


                    Email Marketing


Did you know? E-mail is one of the most influential sources for gaining knowledge about a product/service.


Emails are considered to be an important platform for building professional clients through direct and formal conversation.


How do we find the target audience?


At Kantag Solutions, our experts use hi-tech tools to derive statistically correct audiences for targeting through the mail.


Our writing team drafts professionally clear and detailed emails for covering the leads to consumers. We also send customised emails to potential clients, exclusively framed by our experts.


              Backlinking(Outreaching services)


Backlinking is an important step in the optimization of search engines.

It simply involves linking one website to another.


Our Digital marketing professionals at DIGITAL DUNIA identify major referral sources that are usually in the possession of strong backlinks. We make sure that our client’s content gets appropriate backlinks ultimately making the website recognised among both the clients and the competitors.


Why choose Kantag Solutions as your digital marketing agency?


Kantag Solutions has been recognised as a one-stop solution for elevating the digital presence of your brand.


Our experts focus on bridging the gap between your product and the target clients looking for it. We let your product reach its right audience. If you are on the lookout for gaining digital solutions to your marketing needs, our professionals have got you covered.


We strive to customize the marketing strategies for your brand based on a comprehensive analysis and researched data provided by our R&D team. From our highly-skilled content marketers to certified SEO Specialists, your brand feels safe in our hands.


Get in contact with our experts today.


Frequently-asked questions


1. What do our digital marketing services include?


The concept of digital marketing counts for a wide umbrella term encompassing a vibrant range of marketing techniques. Our experts at kantag Solutions provide all the marketing strategies for your business needs. Here is the list of services you can avail of from our professionals.

– Search engine optimization

– Social media marketing

– Email marketing

– Content marketing

– Search engine marketing( including display ads, search ads or video ads)

– Performance marketing

– Backlinking

– Search engine advertisement


2. What are the examples of digital marketing?


You must have seen a lot of advertisements for various brands on social media handles. From apparel brands to promoting small businesses, this is the most real-life example of digital marketing. Other instances include frequent blogging for ranking the brands high on the search engines, using Google ads for a wider reach and using email marketing for encouraging business relations or clients that can be beneficial for the long term. At Kantag Solutions, our professionals comprehend the importance of reputation building at an intelligent level.


Be it brand reviews or feedback for your services, these responses remain critical to your brand throughout. Through our unique strategies under reputation management,  we help in giving your brand a superior existence in the market. This not only reputes your brand higher but helps you in grabbing an edge over your competitors.


3. What is SEO?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the critical marketing strategies covered under the umbrella term of digital marketing. SEO helps in engaging with prospects by ranking your brand websites high on the potential search engines. An SEO specialist would deploy effective marketing strategies and research-oriented tactics to rank your blogs or related website content higher.


4. What are the 7 types of digital marketing?


Owing to its versatility, digital marketing has been gaining exceptional attention among all the brands wanting to promote their brand using contemporary strategies. Although Digital marketing is broad-ranging terms, services under it can be categorised under 7 sections.


– Content Marketing

– Email marketing

– Website’s graphic designing

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– Social media Advertisement

– Search engine marketing

– Social media marketing


5. What is Content Marketing?


Content marketing is an indispensable part of digital marketing campaigns. Because it’s used in almost every service under digital promotion, brands must collaborate with professional content marketers to attract an organic audience to their website. Content marketing involves sharing effective content with your clients or potential leads to increase the brand value and initiate frequent engagement with your product. At Kantag Solutions, our content experts publish high-quality content for your brand website and other social media platforms.


6. What is the purpose of a digital marketing agency?


A digital marketing agency aims to expand your business by infusing modern trends and tactics prevailing in the world of marketing.

In the current scenario, every brand has its online presence in one way or the other but unless your target audience doesn’t reach the website, there’s no point in the mere presence. Digital marketers bridge this gap and make your brand reach the population who needs it. In addition, it helps in building customer loyalty and recognising the value of your brand.


7. Who is the best digital marketing agency?


Kantag solutions is a gurugram based company renowned for giving a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. We are a bunch of extremely creative individuals who love to digitise your brands and let your product get exposed to the right audience searching for it. Our skilled designers, content writers and SEO specialists passionately boost your brand’s presence ultimately driving the business sales to another level.



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